Sometimes you need to meet face to face but time or travel constraints make it challenging.

LegalConnect, provided by West's Unified Communications Services, offers best-in-breed video conferencing solutions to help you consult with clients, communicate with colleagues and connect with experts anywhere in the world. Meet virtually ‘face-to-face’ to put a face to a voice and breakdown communications barriers

No specialist equipment is required; simply connect desktops, smartphones and video room systems in a single meeting, 24/7 in just a few clicks

  • Bring legal representatives, clients and expert witnesses together in one meeting, regardless of location
  • Research documents, share findings and speed access to critical legal discoveries
  • Streamline the consultation process and help cases run more smoothly
  • Prepare witness testimonies and arguments ‘in-person’ over secure HD video
  • Interview potential candidates from leading laws schools – around the world

LegalConnect is provided by West's Unified Communications Services, the leading global provider of conferencing services.

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