Hints & Tips
on how to have a
Telephone Hearing

How to have a successful telephone hearing

Hints and Tips

  1. Always book your hearing as far in advance as possible.
  2. Ensure that you advise all parties that you have booked the telephone hearing.
  3. Be ready to start the conference at least ten minutes before the start time.
  4. At the time of the hearing, ensure that you are sitting at the number you have said you wanted to be called at. If possible, try to make this a number that doesn’t accept unexpected public incoming calls directly, such as conference phone in a meeting room.
  5. Listen to the operator. They are there to help. They will advise that your conversation is being recorded, and how to ask for assistance should it be needed.
  6. Be prepared. Judges often say that many advocates prepare a little less for a telephone hearing than they would for an in-person hearing.
  7. If you want to use a speaker phone, make sure you know how to work it before the telephone hearing begins
  8. Always supply the operator with an alternate contact number if you have one, such as a direct line and a switchboard.

What to do on the day of your Hearing

LegalConnect’s Telephone Hearing service enables you to focus on the subject matter of the hearing, rather than the method being used to host it.

  1. Five minutes before the start time, the LegalConnect operator will dial out to all parties.
  2. The operator will check the details of the case with all participants and introduce them into the call.
  3. We will advise all parties that the hearing is being recorded, and will provide instructions on how to request operator assistance during the hearing.
  4. We will then contact the court, and advise the Judge of the case details and who is on the call.
  5. The recording is then initiated, at which point the operator will announce the arrival of the Judge.
  6. Upon completion of the hearing, LegalConnect will check the recording and store a copy in our secure archive.